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Cosmetic Acupunture

Cosmetic Acupuncture is basically Acupuncture treatments performed to enhance or beautify a face or body. Cosmetic Acupuncture is not a popular genre in Alternative Medicines. Only a handful of excellent Acupuncturist can take credit for successfully practicing this form of Acupuncture. Prof. Dr. Verekar is the very best practitioner of this genre. He is also responsible for a lot of research in this field. He is by far the only doctor to give non-surgical nose jobs. Whilst most people wouldn’t mind looking a few years younger, the notion of allowing a surgeon to take a knife to your face is more than a little off-putting. As a non-surgical alternative, cosmetic acupuncture can deliver a fresh-faced radiance while diminishing the signature signs of aging. More importantly, the treatment addresses the underlying causes of ageing, which can be preferable to masking the symptoms with invasive procedures.
Cosmetic Acupuncture basically is the acupuncture treatment offered to improve muscle tone, decrease puffiness around the eyes, firm sagging skin, eliminate or reduce fine wrinkles, even out skin tone and improve luster of complexion.
The purpose of Cosmetic Acupuncture is to create a younger and more vibrant appearance. The weakness of most conventional cosmetic therapies is that they do little or nothing to enhance the client’s underlying health condition. It’s primarily because cosmetic acupuncture fully embraces the principle of ‘inner health/outer beauty’, that it works so well - and that the results last longer. Cosmetic Acupuncture treatment is like a gardener tending to the soil of a plant to produce a healthy flower, rather than superficially trying to polish a petal.
While the initial desire to look younger may be a simple case of vanity, the effects can prove far more profound than merely improving one’s appearance. As Acupuncture works from the inside out, the effects are also felt. The client is left feeling refreshed and rejuvenated from inside.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Instructions for patients of baldness treatment, and hair loss treatment.

Instructions for patients of baldness treatment, and hair loss treatment.

The hair growth treatment is video graphed as demonstration and uploaded in healersupreme channel of
I uploaded the videos just to show that hair can be grown on baldhead. Now there are many enquiries for treatment. I do not have that much time. I need time to do other research on other subjects.
There are a few things patient should know before deciding to approach me for help for baldness treatment.
In case of male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia one need to take treatment throughout one’s life to keep the hair on scalp in normal cycle. As the causative factors of androgenic alopecia are present in the body all the time they will be causing the hair fall and continuous balding unless we take treatment all the time.
Androgenic baldness is not a disease and therefore it cannot be ‘cured’. We need to take treatment continuously and take care to stop the hair from falling.
My treatments with Indian herb I have demonstrated that new hair can re grow on bald area and we can make them grow longer.
Technically we should keep on taking treatment all the time.
As most of patients are from outside I cannot offer them treatment as they cannot come for treatment everyday to my clinic.
I want to help everyone. I am doing this similar research for last 20 years.
I offer you following plans for your problem of hair fall and baldness.
1) If you are staying in India I can send you hair oil based on formula of ancient ayurveda ( I am world’s only Ph. D. in Ancient Ayurveda from International University) This oil also have the Indian herb as an ingredient. This oil will work in almost all cases. In some it may not work. The result will be visible in 6 weeks.
There will be two bottles of oil 100ml each. Oil from one bottle you have to apply at 4 o’clock in the early morning. Every day.
Oil from other bottle is to be diluted 4 times with cooking oil and is applied once in 3 days after bath or at bed time. You should shampoo only once or twice a week.
There is no guarantee of any kind. If you do the treatment as per my instructions you will have great chances of success. Though I cannot guarantee any results.
The charges for this pack of two bottles of 100 ml are 6000 Rs. for the patients in India.
For foreigners staying in India and patient from other countries as well as NRI the cost will be 500 US dollars.
2) As it is not possible to send oil to other countries by courier or post, the second option is that I send you the herbal mixture and tell you how to prepare the oil. The cost will be US dollars 500. You will make half litter of oil.
3) The Third option is I send you name of the Indian herb, which may be available in your country, or neighboring country. Also detailed instruction of how to apply the latex. Then you can do the treatment at home. The cost will be US dollars 500 as my fee and instructions.
In all cases there is no guarantee of any kind.
You can send me the money by western union. (Dr. Prakash Verekar, Nasik India)
Or deposit it in my account of HDFC bank, if you have the facility.
Email me and tell me what you want and which plan you want.
There is no guarantee of any kind. I have researched a lot and came up with these solutions. I am offering them in good faith. It is upto you to decide whether to go for this treatment or not.

Acupuncture treatment for increasing height. Instructions for the patient.

Acupuncture treatment for increasing height.
Instructions for the patient.

My GURU Prof Dr Anton Jayasuriya formulated the treatment for height increase. It is definite treatment and it works.
I have treated more than 800 patients so far with good to very good results. The age of youngest child is just 2 years; the oldest is 72 years old. There are many in range of 12 to 16 years. Most of patients I get are in between age of 18 to 26.
I like very much to treat patients of age around 40 years to 50 years, as the increase in height here is dramatically faster. While younger ones take longer to increase in height.
Overall increase in height is minimum half centimeter. The most increase in height is more than 45 centimeters.
The increase in height may happen in a short period of six months or it may happen beyond six months. How an individual patient will react cannot be predicted.
Please remember that “how soon and how much height will increase” cannot be predicted. Thus we cannot give guarantee of any kind.
The fee for height increase treatment is fixed and there is no discount or reduction in fee. The fee has to be paid in advance. You must remember that there is no guarantee of any kind.
The fee money is to be paid in advance. No refund. No return.
The fee is for 3 treatments given in period of one to two hours. The fee for such set of 3 treatments is US $ 500. (Five hundred us dollars) for patients coming from other countries, NIRs, & patients of foreign origin.
The fee for patients coming from any part of India is Rs. 12000.
The treatment is same as shown in my demonstration videos uploaded in healersupreme channel of
In many many patients the first treatment may cause dramatic increase in height. There may be half to one-centimeter increase within 3 minutes or less. It may not happen in all patients.
The treatment activates the height increasing mechanism. It is permanently activated and there is no need to do it again and again.
The needles we use are sterile disposable type. For aqua acupuncture we use sterile and disposable syringe and needle set.
This is out patient department procedure done in clinic. The procedure is not done in Operation Theater.
During the treatment there may be a few drops of bleeding. Slight pain of needle going in will be felt.
There are no complications, reactions or untoward side effects from this treatment.
You will take treatment on your own risk. Keeping in mind that there is no guarantee of any kind.

Alternately I can send you a booklet of instructions with detailed instruction of how to do this procedure with help of 1) a doctor or 2) Acupuncturist or 3) Goldsmith or 4) a nurse or 5) body piercing artist or 6) a brave friend.
The cost of such book will be 500 US dollars. There will be a video showing the procedure. This will be in form of teaching.
In all cases there is no guarantee of any kind.
You can send me the money by western union. (Dr. Prakash Verekar, Nasik India)
Or deposit it in my account of HDFC bank, if you have the facility.
Email me and tell me what you want. There is no guarantee of any kind. I have researched a lot and came up with these solutions. I am offering them in good faith. It is upto you to decide whether to go for this treatment or not.

Friday, March 5, 2010

how to be taller, grow height in India


There is no function or structure of the body, which stops completely after certain years or certain biological stage. Whatever is remaining can be increased, repaired, accentuated, made to work faster, better, and to full capacity.
Whatever is Abnormal or subnormal can be made normal with Acupuncture. Whatever is subnormal according to patient’s wish is really sub normal whether other parameters say otherwise.
Acupuncture is not just doctoring science like modern medicine it is a science of holistic healing.
It heals people. If some patient thinks he is lacking something acupuncture will fulfill it to make him healed completely.
For instance when women stops menstruating and have menopause they cannot produce children. Proper acupuncture will make her menstruate again to have a child. If someone is paralyzed an acupuncturist can make the person stand in 3 days, walk with assistance in 6 days and walk with walking stick in a months time. The patient will be near normal in 6 weeks.
Acupuncture expert can increase capacity of lung for opera singers and athletes. Can increase capacity of kidneys in kidney failure patients, can increase capacity of mind power in mentally retarded children, reverse the aging signs, make someone younger in body mind thinking vigor and looks. We can achieve any thing and every thing. We can even make a dead person come to life and live again if we arrive in 3 minutes time. If an acupuncturist is stationed in ICU and ICCU of modern hospitals, the death rate will drop to 10% for sure. The acupuncturist can keep the patients alive forever. Only exception is accident cases with severe damage and poisoning cases where we cannot do anything worthwhile.
Similarly in case of height increase we can do wonder. Even after closer of the growth centers in the tips of he bones, a certain lowest possibility of further growth remains. If we can stimulate certain controlling points then we can make a person grow taller for sure. Even if the bone grows 1 mm each and there are more than 350 bones, then a person will grow three centimeters.
There is again a principle which says if a life event or development does not happen at the time it should have happened, medicine can make it happen at later stage with modern medicine. In case of no menses at puberty, no ovulation, no physical growth, hypogonadism, proper modern medicines hormones can make that happen at later stage.
We acupuncture experts can do much more extra. The acupuncture points can stimulate endocrine system to secret hormones, which cause growth. Most of these hormones may be known to modern medical science but there may be some, which are not known or studied. Because nobody till now did experimental research in acupuncture height increase.
One more thing a person should know about height increase. Boys and girls below puberty age should do a lot of exercises that should result in thumping movement on the joints. The growth centers are at tips of the bones and the growth centers are stimulated only when they are thumped. Thus jumping, spot running, skipping, cycling, will help a person grow before age of puberty.
All these are contra indicated after the age of puberty as the growth capacity diminishes with the advancing years. And the very movements and exercises will cause the joints to hold on to the immature soft shock absorber growth centers to act as buffer for the thumping shocks. The post puberty persons should relax more and should not do any exercises that will contract the muscles, as this will prevent any further growth in length. The muscles are for movements. They are situated along the long bones if they contract and reduce in length, then they will squeeze bones lengthwise and prevent them from growing in fact they will make the bones minutely shorter.
Can you do split? Spread both legs sideways at 180 degrees like a gymnast? If not, then you have already caused the muscles to become shorter.
Do not hang by hands in later years. The hanging causes al the muscles in the body to contract due to strain. You can experience it if you touch and judge he muscle contractions of a person who is hanging on horizontal poll. It is beneficial if you hang by your feet, upside down.
Exercises at a slow pace and with double the time allowed for relaxation is good for height growth.
Acupuncture for height gives immediate result at the first time only. After that it is much slower but definite. We also use some herb which has HGH kind of natural ingredients. These are natural safe and useful.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

nose beautification with acupuncture


Face is the most important part of one’s personality. Facial beauty of a person is what one looks at while forming a first impression on another. Everyone wants to look more and more beautiful, handsome or attractive. Many people are not fully satisfied with the look of certain part of their face. The centrally placed nose plays an important role in the over-all look of a person.

Every ethnicity in the world has its peculiarities in the shape of the nose. The Europeans have longer noses, Africans have upturned noses, The Chinese and Japanese have small noses, etc. So the shapes and sizes of a nose are according to the ethnic background of a person. Hence, a perfect nose can’t be measured in terms of millimeters or centimeters. A perfect nose is one that is in perfect proportion with other aspects of the face. A nose that compliments the face is always considered beautiful.

Most people are not satisfied with the shape of their nose, some are not happy with the size. In medically advanced countries like England, France, United States of America and European countries it is fairly common for people to have had some form of plastic surgery done on their body. Rhinoplasty or Nose job being the most popular plastic surgery performed. Unfortunately the results are not as expected and in more than 60% of cases they have to operate again as corrective or Revision Rhinoplasty. Revision Rhinoplasty is fairly common as even if the doctor has done a good job, chances are that the nose looks better in the picture than on the Client’s face. Also, surgery involves its own set of risks. There is risk from the General Anesthesia given, risk of infection and risk of complications. Adding to this, the fact remains that in any type of surgery the estimation of fees one is told is that of the surgeon. The anesthetist, operation room charges, hospital charges, post operative procedures charges and medicine charges are extra. These additional expenses are also considerable.

Now there is an alternative to plastic surgery, it is Aesthetic Acupuncture. Acupuncture is one of the oldest, most commonly used medical procedures in the world. Acupuncture originated in China more than 5,000 years ago, making it one of the oldest and most commonly used medical procedures in the world. The effects of acupuncture are miraculous in most cases. Acupuncture is very reliable in a lot of ways as it works on the belief of making whatever is sub-normal or abnormal in the body, normal.

The shape of a nose depends on how different muscles in the nose and surrounding area are ‘ holding’ it. Also important is the fat deposition and thickness of the skin.
Acupuncture has 6 definite curative effects on the human body. One is of motor recovery. In this effect an individual muscle can be relaxed or lengthened and another can be contracted or shortened. Reducing fat is easier with acupuncture. Thus any nose can be re-sculptured and made more beautiful, shapely, and perfect for ones’ face.
The basic principle of acupuncture is “ Whatever is ab-normal or sub-normal; can be made normal with acupuncture treatment.” It is subnormal to be imperfect in shape and look. It is normal to be beautiful.

The procedure is simple. It takes only 3 to 20 minutes of acupuncture and manipulation to acquire the desired result. It may take 1 to 5 hours to stabilize the good effect.
There is minimal pain and a slight soreness. But the results are amazing.

NO side effects. NO reactions. NO drugs. NO surgery.

Fee for first Treatment -------Rs.12000=00
Fee for second Treatment----RS.2000=00
Fee for third Treatment-------Rs.1000=00

This is subsidized fee for initial batch of patients. There after double the fee is applicable.
Nasal bump, Bulbous tip, Wide nose, Narrow nose, Twisted nose,
Under projected nose, Over projected nose, Fractured nose, Twisted nose,
Droopy nose, Upturned nose.
Can be corrected for size shape and fineness.

Acupuncture is now taking the lead over modern medicine in most countries of the world. Acupuncture not just being a therapy but a complete medical science is now accepted in Europe, Australia, England and America. There are licensing authorities, rules and regulations of practice and medical insurance for Acupuncture as almost 40% of people visit Acupuncture clinics.

Aesthetic Acupuncture is a Super Specialty of Acupuncture Science. Only a selected few experts practice Aesthetic Acupuncture. Prof.Dr.Prakash Verekar is one such practitioner.

Prof. Dr. Prakash Verekar has an International license of Acupuncture by the WHO. He is a visiting professor in The Open International University for Complementary Medicine, Colombo Sri Lanka. He is also attached to The International College of Alternative Medicine, Ontario Canada as a guidance professor for Asian countries, England and France.

SEE MY VIDEOS AS DEMONSTRATION on under username healersupreme.